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Testimonies bring hope and strength to others
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T E S T I M O N Y    P A G E

There is a couple in my family that have no earthly financial inheritance, no retirement, no savings to fall back on for
their later years.  They will be retirement age in just a few years.  One of them just went though a difficult surgery and
life is a little harder as a result.  I began to pray for them every day on the way to work because I know that God can
give inheritance where there is none, and can do anything... Including making it possible for them to retire.  A couple
months later we were talking about a situation and a person that they knew that wanted to meet with them.  I got a
word of knowledge that the person wanted to give them a home in exchange for caring for this  persons elderly
parent.  So, in an attempt to be casual I mentioned that this might be the case and everyone that was there laughed at
the idea.  After the meeting, it was confirmed that the house was theirs if they in turn could provide care for the
elderly parent.  This home is easily worth twice if not triple the value of their current home and could provide financial
freedom down the road.  Regardless if they take this opportunity or not I already know that God will provide
retirement and opportunities for this couple!  These are the kind of options that we get when the Kingdom of God
invades Earth!  - Topher

I was talking with the worship pastor after church and he gave a testimony about praying for a girl whose leg grew out
in his hands! I told him I actually have a difference of over an inch between my leg lengths too. I showed him the
position of my knees sitting down. One was lower and further back. He prayed for me and encouraged me to get up
walk around and praise and thank God for the work He was doing. I felt some pressure at different times in hip, knee
and ankle as well as sensations in my back. We checked again and my knee appeared to me and the pastor to be
forward/ lined up with the other, yet still lower. We believe God grew my femur about a half inch or more, and is going
to finish with the entire leg! Also,a powerful part was that he encouraged me that my identity is no longer the guy with
one leg shorter than the other, but the guy with two same/normal length legs. Praise God! - David


I prayed with a man at the God Is Good Conference in Cleveland, OH.  He had a large metal bracket that was in his
ankle from an injury.  It was large and square edged that covered his ankle area.  I shared with my excitement about
praying for this because God had removed metal from my body.  I told him "I have the faith for this one so get ready!
And step into my breakthrough!"  We prayed and God removed the metal bracket.  It was gone.  And in it's place was a
normal ankle bone.  Thank you Jesus! - Topher


More to come!